Misused Spiritual Authority

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I hope this video link works.

A story every woman should listen to. How easy it is for us to be convinced or brainwashed that the best of the best can handle more "freedom", more "blessing", more "privelege" than those who cannot be responsible with it.

This idea keeps coming to me this week. The idea of "privilege".

As I taught my daughter last week, being blessed is not the same as taking privilege.

A sad story, irregardless of their motive in exposing it now. I honestly believe Christians people need to hear this story and realize how vulnerable they are as humans to being misled, tricked, and used.

Both had responsibility, but the greater goes to those in leadership.

If you have struggled understanding how "godly" people can ever truly fall to these depths, Beth Moore's book, When Godly People Do Ungodly Things might be worth your looking into. I found it mind boggling, disturbing, and enlighting. I'm not sure which adjective I'd put first.

On to family movie night for me. "March of the Penguins".


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