A Regular Annoyance to Be Fixed

Okay:  I would like to propose, for Windows, an option for spell-check: "See mistyped word in context?". 
Anybody with me here? 
I see a word misspelled, today:  "fust".  I think...what in the world? I don't even know what "right" word is supposed to replace that?  Where did I use it, what was I saying?  Yet, you can't SEE your text because the spell check box is sitting right on top of what you just wrote.
 And nobody else out there in WindowsLand has had this problem?  I suppose I could reset the general position of the message box on my screen.  Hmmm.  May be a "quick fix"...(meaning, I take the time to fix it myself because the person who was supposed to do their job hasn't....often the story of our lives!) 
Anybody out there have connections with Windows people?  I'll let you know if my fix proves successful.  (Yes, I do take joy in legal "hacking").

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