Winter Projects

Today...sun is shining! 50 degrees.

Listening to: Beth Moore (see link on sidebar). Must listen...if you can hear the tone of her voice, the sound of fervor for the word occassionally, it does a body good. (In fact, I listened to part of it with Lego.com shooters overlapping her voice as Red played his galactic games.)

My Creative Keepsakes magazine came yesterday....this month a great issue. If you don't suscribe and scrap ladies, get it off the stand. I'm slowly grazing through it. Aaaaaaah. I love color.

Just surveyed the morning's damage to my "in process" laundry room--the half I had clean--the 9/12.

Have you ever noticed that when you CLEAN anything, it inspires people? Not to bore you, but the toy room, for example. The mess has not been touched in months. So, you get in there, find the floor, organize, straighten-- put all the little cars in their own box and all the little legos together...neat and beautiful. Two days later, the kid's think...wow, there must be something useful in here if she actually took the time to CLEAN it. They dump it to find the treasure you must have hid.

A torture device to refine the character of mothers.

I am almost angelic at this point. :-) Try it.

So, TEN shirts unfolded in my son's stack.


You must understood, generally, he goes, grabs one, puts it on.

Today, multi-try-ons. Decisions. Take off. Put on. Take off...

Actually, I enjoyed them enjoying getting ready.

Took me two hours to work up courage to look at the damages.

"I refolded them all, Mom!" he had said.

"Broadest interpretation." I say!

My daughter--four pair of pants today! Usually, a once and done also. She informs me that none of even the largest pair from fall fit. No sweats clean, she settled on a long beige Pentecostal looking skirt and hose.

I restraighened. Decided to get on camera...the first half. If it is demolished before the second side is completely done...proof of my grand effort.


Here you go. Read 'em and weep: Hanging racks for each child for the week. (Target). My solution: I know when they are about out of something at a glance...whites, darks, or lights. This determines when I do laundry// what color is most needed.

ALL clothes for the children stored in the laundry room--this is a gift from God. I don't have to find the dirty clothes (though they usually litter the floor in there). I don't have to go up steps to put them away. And, I can get them all dressed from the main level quickly when we need to go somewhere or get ready for bed. Closet: casual clothes. If you can find any room to make into a clothes room for all the young kids...I say go for it. As they can carry their own clothes (theoretically), they can have clothes in their own room.

Cindy, thanks for the inspiration on the one room idea. I thank God every day for providing it in this house. My heart lept at this room when we considered this house to buy. My dream.

In the same room, I put my childhood dresser where I keep sleep clothes, belts, rags. That dresser is currently overflowing with outgrown clothes. I hope to get through that today. No, I'm not showing you the dirty part of the room!

Yesterday my nine year Boy Wonder came to me, said, "Wow! Mom! My clothes look great! Could you do my sleep drawer, too? It's a real mess!"

Be still my beating heart! Given his thanks, ...I would love to (this time.)



terrible speller said...

love the idea of laundry room and closet combo!

esm said...

Room looks great! I just long for the day when my laundry room is on the main level of my house. Although there is room, I don't relish the idea of dressing everyone in the basement.