Back Home

Back home. 1400 miles so far this week and it's only Thursday. Wow. For a girl not used to driving, I'm catching up.

Step Dad is better. Home. Recovering. Mom had a migraine middle of the night last night. We were up half the night. But, we giggled and ate out and laughed really hard together. I read her Psalms and we both relaxed. A hard week. But, a good mother daughter week. My hubbie and I have decided we must be grown-up now.

Hubbie's family made the DNR (do not recessitate) decision in paper today re. his uncle. He couldn't be there because I was gone. They talked it out by phone. Not the greatest solution, but there is peace about it. Sometimes death is not the worst option.

Heavy week. Heavy blogs! Real life.

Right now? I've had a nap, hubbie went and got us all KFC, and me and the kids are busy with painting huge suncatchers for the windows we picked up for them. Hubbie went out for some time alone. I hope we all rest well tonight. I love my family!



Misty said...

So glad you're back safely and things are moving in predictable directions for the moment. Rest as you can, and, hey--I finally posted some vacation pics! Yay!

Cheryl said...

I am glad that things are getting better this week for you. I have recently went through a death with my husband's grandfather. Close to family, mentor, held the family together, that kind of guy and he was very very sick, so sometimes death is peace for those that are suffering. We don't know what tomorrow holds is what I have learned through this and we need to enjoy every minute that we have. I am glad that you are back home. Sorry to ramble!