Built to Last

"The poor and needy search for water...their mouths are parched with thirst, but water cannot be found."
Considering the context of this, you see HOW THRISTY the people in Isaiah's daywere, the utter devatstation and destruction it took in their lives for them realize their true thirst.

Isaiah says these people had been so blinded that they could not see that the same peice of wood they burned for fire was the same peice of wood they'd carved an image out of and prayed to for answers. They were blinded by so much "stuff" that they never took time to realize that none of it made sense. "Props". That scares me...that we can be too "full" too see basic truths.

I go read Isaiah most when I need to be reminded of hope. There, even in God's wrath, he demonstrates the unbelievable mercy. I mean, the people walked in lifestyles of sin, raitonalized it, did not keep their covenant to him, ignored everything he said: yet he was waiting for them, longing to meet their deepest needs...for water...for Him. He loved them so much that he even allowed them to suffer so that they remember truth. He is the only true help and hope.

Failure after failure...yet, he woo-ed them. Wanting to love them. Restore them. Be their God. Help them find real life. Real, satisfying, fulfilling, living water. No more searching. Treading water. Floundering around...missing it. He wanted them to "get it". To really live! Live the only full and satisfying life...in Him...with His blessing, covering, guidance, promises, and instruction.

The Bulb Mass (size of a small onion here)

So... bulbs store up nutrients through long seasons, actually needing more soil, more space! Not more water. The extreme climates are seasons where the bulb is nourished with nutrients for the next season. Bulbs are meant to grow over larger and larger territory by multiplication. Without new soil, they actually STOP producing flowers. I have some day lilies that no longer flower...the root mass does not have enough soil in all the bulb mass to support flowering. I need to dig them up, wack them apart, and spread them out. Usually takes a VERY deep hole and some serious chopping.

Anuals (below) need water daily and are planted by seed every season, unable to handle extreme temperatures. See the shallow root system?

What is God saying TO ME in this little tidbit of trivia?

I think, for me...it has to do with eating daily, but all trusting his seasonal preparation of my spirit when I'm not getting "the daily time" with Him I feel I need. I'll try to place scriptures here (for Anne and Carol who I know would ask!) over the next week. A few come to mind, but I'd have to look them up. If you think of any that apply to or explain this annual-bulb theory as it relates to drinking...post!

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