A Day in the Life of a Mom

Accomplishments for today: Learning how to vac the pool without blowing up the $800.00 pump, keeping prime in the pump while vacc-ing, having a temper tantrum after losing prime and having vac contents spill back into pool after an hour of vac-ing, and teaching children to not ask for favors while I'm M-A-D and T-I-R-E-D and F-E-D U-P!!! (Still working on that last one. They don't take normal hints well. Moms are ALWAYS available. Whew.)

A few minutes ago, 9 yr old son is helping me watch the pressure on pump. Watching all the work it has taken to deal with getting the pool ready. He says sincerely, sitting there on the side of the pool. "I love you, Mom."

I looked up from the aggravating job, suddenly quite gratified with my life work after a day of wondering why I don't get paid for this.

And...twenty minutes later, he asks if he can go to Grandmas. Take the moments while you can get them. Write it down.

Tonight, my brother and his family leave today for their new military home ten hours away. I'll sure miss my cute nephew as he grows. Yup, in this pic, he's reaching for ME! Being an Aunt is so much fun. Boo-hoo-hoo. Sniffle. Sniffle.

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