Streams in the Desert

The poor and needy search for water. Their mouths are parched with thirst, but water cannot be found.

I can't seem to get beyond this verse. But, some life responses have happened as a result of little it settle:

1. Bought two copies of David Crowder's "Praise Habit" to read with a friend this summer. Great read. Water.

2. Teaching my oldest son how to use his rNIV Bible this week. I don't want my kids to walk thristy with no water.

3. I bought my daughter a new Bible easier for her to read, hopefully more appealing than her KJV. She wanted a pure NIV to recognize verses she'd already memorized rather than one easier to read in soft pink leather. Surprised me.

Moving on: let's see...(I sometimes manipulate text to keep thinking about the words a while longer....like this:)

But I the LORD will Answer them;
I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.
18 I will make rivers on barren heights,
and SPRINGS within the VaLleYs.
I will turn the desert into pOOls of water,
and the parched ground into sPrInGS!

I read it about seven times actuating different words and meanings to arrive at that mess of Html code. So...the same general concept is stated here over and over--water in dry places. Why do you think he repeats it so many times? Insights?

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