Today my spirit feels frustrated. Ever so busy for a season it takes you a while to "re-enter" your own life again? I was thinking today:

If I took away everything I did for other people...friends, family: what would be left of me?

If I took away family...what would be left of me?

If I took away service to causes and defending the others and dealing with issues and problems...what would be left of me?

If I took away the refreshment needed to deal with the weight of all the stuff...what would be left?

I suppose it is a joy that worthwhile causes and people shape me and make me who I am. But, do you ever have days when you wonder just who you are? Or if it really matters at all?

No...I give what I am to all those things, my stengths, the challenges of my weaknesses.

I am still me, even in the midst of it all!

Yet, some days, I start feeling lost. In a fog, easily angered by injustices and people too busy and bottlenecks in processes and change.

Occurs to me that this comes after a season of too much planning and activity and not enough soul care.

Enjoy the pics of last night. My husband wanted a family garden this year. Seeing as how my kids struggle eating many fruits and veggies, he's doing it more for the experience. Not sure I'm up to it personally, but I did enjoy them out with shoveling and hoes (nearly knocking each other in the head swinging them around...I didn't enjoy that part).

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Jules said...

You are who you are BECAUSE of the things you do for others. The best compliment to Christ is a mirroring servant. It means a swallowing of self at times, but rewards us with blessings in hugs and fulfillment.