No Picture! :-(

A break from the text in this post.

I lost about eight months worth of digital negatives from last year. I thought I'd backed them up before deleting them from my old computer's hard drive. Had prints of most of what I wanted anyway...but, whew...still a loss. Red's first major league ballgame. Man! Just realized I can't insert a pic I want on this blog. Ouch!

Teaching my oldest son to throw and catch this week. We've never done t-ball or any of that. Teaching my youngest to try to hit a little plastic ball last night. SO fun. Mom can "really hit is far!". A whole 20-30 feet! Who-hoo! Impress 'em while you can, I say!

Red played UNO for the first time ever last night. Notable were his sound effects whenever he laid down any card with "words" on it (he didn't know what they say or mean yet). "SHA-BAaM!", "WHOOM!", "KA-BOOM!", every turn. He did liven up the game a bit!

I just realized I've laready had five friends come to visit me this lonely Saturday morning. Hubbie has to work. I am thankful. How incredibly blessed I am to have such solid people to share my life with. I hope all of you choose to blog soon and share you're life and stories with me! I really do. It keeps me on track. It reminds me where you've been. I don't battle depression as I used to as a stay at home mom. It helps me celebrate in a more formal way (and share frustrations with those who always encouage and pray for me almost immediately), and it allows me to keep in touch ( and make, at times) friends I would lose touch with otherwise. I have loved it. Pray about it! Let me know if you want to try it.

I like all types of blogs...those who post once a week, short ones, long ones, impersonal ones, rambling ones, "professional" ones. A better investment of my time than the newspaper or TV. Do you have concerns about blogging that keep you from writing one (other than time)? Let me know. Maybe there's an answer for you me or another PDB-er could help you with.

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