Boring Blog Update Note

So...now I get the three columns of typepad with free blogger! Now, that's inspiration for the day!

Some of you like it, some are still having to get used to it. Okay, so you liked my daffodils? Well, why didn't you say so? Thanks.

But, time to move on. It's summer. This is a pic of the sky I took last year. On a down day, I often take out the camera and capture the sky...God's gift to me. I'm reminded of all the good God has made for me to soak up. Sunshine. White clouds. Blue skies. Movement. I love it.

I'm still working on the code trying to figure out how to make all the colors work, but it's nice. I do like breaking up the long sidebar. Bigger font today and margins I like better. Let me know your preferences or thoughts...if you care at all, and if you don't, that's quite alright!

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