Exhaustion & Need

My brain sinews are leaking out my eyeballs. It hurts. I am typing with my eyes closed my eyes hurt so bad. I am a wimp, I know. But, it's been a long few days. Sunday night, grabbed dear and loyal friend who took off work to get me to Illinios to a step dad's shoulder reattachment. Friend knew the way. We drove over 300 mi (open eyes for number keys, ouch, my eyes--I REALLY need sleep).

Slept poorly in hotel. Got up at 5am for surgery. 4-5 hour surgery for a tear much worse than expected. Praise God for successful surgery. Long, extensive rehab expected.

Drove back the same flat, boring 315 miles in and out of rain. Half way home, got call that my husband's uncle had heart attack, has less than 10% change of making it through the night. He was found having collapsed at a post office today. Still not conscious.

He's meant a lot in my life. Just always there with cheer and help when I needed it. To make it more complex, they have one grown daughter (pastor's wife with two small girls) who'd just made it to FL for vacation (pastors always get the short end of the stick on vacations). They are turning right around and driving back...at least a 12 hour drive one way for them.

I got my kids, husband is driving with his family to be with their family at hospital 100 miles away. They are outrunning a mean looking storm front moving through right now.

Lord, I know you are Lord. Be Lord. I do trust you. No doubt. Trying not to worry. Hoping. Praying.

Friends, sorry I can't call you all and ask for prayer to fill you in; I need some rest and need to stay off the phone.

Love you all very, very much. Thanks for praying . Sorry to dump on you, but such that it is. Thank you.


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