Well, there it is. My first official swing of my own of my married life. Took me almost 14 years, but I made it! We had one in a rental house when my oldest was 1 yr. old. He fell asleep on my lap many times there in that unfamiliar place. Today, Red looked over the back, testing it out. He said, "Wow! I can see clear to Texas from up here!" Boy Wonder said, "I wonder how many hails they got bayed." "I mean...bails they got hailed...how many bails of hay they got!" He was obviously wonder struck with the swing. Goldilocks just bossed all the boys around, told them where to sit and what to do and finally ran them off so she could grab a blanket and pillow and cuddle in my lap...and tell me how to "host" her as her human pillow.

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