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This week, my son won an iPod..actually his grand-dad did, and gave it to him. We've been introduced to the 1GB iPod Nano. Fun. It's a tiny little thing. We loaded 80+ songs on it the first day. He loaded words onto it. It's great to see him enjoy my taste in music at 9 yrs. old. I hope it lasts. Hearing him walk around the house singing, earphones dangling...so much fun. He wants me to find "Days of Elijah" to put on it. I don't have a copy. We've not had an iPod yet, so we're having fun learning how to use it.

This week, we went to a fair. Rode rides. I got sick.

Last night, I went to scrapbook night. Stayed til 11. Started my new gardening book. A journal of all the flowers and gardens I've had--something for me to enjoy. My favorite brand of paper and style right now is a company called "Rusty Pickle." Interesting name. Ironically, everything looks aged. Some scrappers (short for scrapbookers started this whole expensive, time consuming trend to keep things from aging, now go back and ink the pictures to make them look "timed". Soft. Worn. Loved.

I love the way scrapbooking keeps me thankful and celebrating the sweetest joys of my life. God creates. To create gives us also a sense of delight. Feels good to share that joy with Him. He is the maker of ALL things good. Creator God. CReAte!

Today has been a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing "family vacation day" at home. No projects...none planned or put in stone anyway. I very full week for hubbie at work. First, we stayed up until 2AM watching "Hitch". It was hysterical. Next, we slept in some, baked homemade Cinnamon yeast rolls & fresh brewed coffee, then had quiet times together on the porch, made some planning calls, and finally...gave each other foot rubs while the kids swam.

Now, THAT'S a relaxing morning. I love my man. He knows, or is learning, when we both need family rest together. We sat beside the water all day reading out loud to each other, parenting TOGETHER. Ah. Such a relief to enjoy that with a friend. My best friend. My helper. My defender. My man. I've been missing him lately more than I realized. We've been together with a lot of holiday and running and social obligation, but not a lot of focused :family: time together. For lunch, I took out simple lemonade and peanut butter and crackers.

I had bought some thin porkloins on sale yesterday for a big supper later on the grill. He grilled, I did veggies. Green beans, baked potatoes, mac and cheese. cole slaw. Relaxed dinner outside on the patio. Help. Togetherness. All running in the same direction, resting, doing the same thing. No hassles of traveling...just vacationing at home. I highly recommend it when you are both in the mood. My defination today of ecstacy.

He's gone to get a tractor to mow hay. I love to watch him out in the field...reminds me of the summer we courted. Me playing Nanny in his grandparents old farmhouse, him out in the fields, bringing me his Mom's home cooked "fiddles" for lunch. Her friend chicken is out of this world! Steak...right off the farm...fresh, purebread heaven.

I'm not sure if I said yes to him or the food! Very smart man.

God gives us all good things to enjoy. Oh! It feels SO good to slow down enough to soak for a day, rest, and be thankful...::: together:::!


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