1. Blogger is on the blink,--thanks for letting me know.

2. Thanks for the input. Let me know if you had trouble. I had trouble reading all the way across the screen with text so close to the margin, so I made entries in a more narrow column.
3. I'd love to figure out how to fashionably get my header to go all the way across the top, but for now, I'll be a trendsetter and just do it different.

4. Unrelated: I like bare skin. I mean...I'm just not fond of tattoos. In case you are feeling like the only odd-ball, you aren't. It is fashionable to get them, and if you have one, that's cool...they have improved. However, I really like beautiful, plain, glowing, healthy, bare skin. So, if you don't have one...I like your skin just fine. I'm too fickle for tattoos, personally. I got my second ear hole and HATED it a couple years later. Now, it won't grow back up and I really regret it. It was peirced too close to the first hole to be of any benefit, and I have trouble keeping up with one set of holes.

5. I got some windows washed today, five closets reasonably straightened, the kitchen in working order, and painted my two window shelves that needed a fresh coat. Go me!

6. There is no food in my house. We will be eating breakfast for supper.

7. When I'm bogged down, I like making unrelated lists of things. Lists are cool. Must clear out mental clutter somehow.

8. Though a fast paced read, Da Vinci Code has some serious plot flaws besides the spiritual and historical errors. Stay tuned for more.

With that...BYE!

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