Love This>>>

Was surfing blogs and read this this morning. I love it. I think I'm going to have to put it on a notecard for reivew.

.: Greg from Winnipeg :.:
"I don't have high expectations of this coming year. All I want is to do the
impossible at every turn, have a relationship with God so intimate that it
incapacitates me, bring community to the lonely, reality to the blind, distress
to the comfortable, Jesus to the hurting, pull the kingdom of darkness out of
this community by it's roots, change the world and save the universe. For


Jules said...

I really like that too. I aspire to save the world, as soon as the laundry is dry. Passion lives in our hearts and is governed by our watches sometimes.

nooc said...

Thanks for popping by my blog awhile back.

I'm really glad something in what I wrote spoke to you.

I see you were/are switching over to wordpress... you should have just joined us at voxtropolis... which is wordpress-based but with techs who worry about setting up the details so you and I don't have to. Ah well... I'm sure if you've just done one move you're not interested in doing another. At any rate stop by anytime!

Jules - "Passion lives in our hearts and is governed by our watches sometimes." It's so true it's almost painful!