Black Ties and Other Perils

Did I mention we got 3/4 in of rain in 40 minutes. As a rather interesting follow-up to the last entry...the basement also flooded. I have been vacuuming for four hours.

My abs hurt. Was needing to work out today anyway.

Hubbie tells me it needs to be shampooed tomorrow. Just what I wanted to do.

Instant workout...there you go. Look for the positive!

Red's party to get ready for (thank goodness I got so much done today), a black-tie party for 50+ to help host Saturday night (thank goodness I'm almost ready--caterers on board, calls made, decorations planned--my husband and I are part of a cotillion club for ballroom dancing. No you don't have to be as good as they are on TV!) We seldom get to go, but it's our month to host. A live band month this weekend. I'm so excited. A date sounds great...even if I am serving hoirderves and hostessing.

Well, you know what sexy looks like? It's not a black tie, or even ballroom dancing...well, it is...but, not to me right now. At the moment, it is a husband at 11PM after a full week and a full day, fixing my van and then being surprised having to vac out water-- with no complaint. That is sexier than sexy. He's AWESOME. I love my man...truly. What a fine choice I did make. Like James Bond...black ties and intense schedules. Impressive.

And, now, time for an ice cream break and some rest.

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