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Wow. Anne's post is so well written today, I don't even want to start! Great writing today. Humors me (and makes me want to be a better writer)! I should never read hers before I try to write my own! Anyway, after you go see her, here's my rambling.

I don't know about any of you other homies out there, but Father's Day weekend freaks me out. I mean, I usually get depressed, feel guilty, upset, and worried all weekend. And, usually remember somewhere in there that I'm more blessed than some to even have this problem.

Before you think I'm totally wacked out...and maybe I am...let me explain. I've had a hard time knowing what expectations are for each of the "special men" in my life, and how to fit them all into one day-weekend.

My husband had to work all weekend, so FRIDAY--I planned a grill out (non-Father's day meal, but special family time Friday a bit too early to call it "Father's Day Meal", ya know?). But, it is special, foreward thinking.

In addition, I know we're going to have to cover HIS dad before Sunday since my husband is working all weekend. So, we do that Thursday. Again, a bit early, but foreward thinking.

Also, we aren't going to be able to travel as a family, so I fit that in Saturday to go see my Dad.

So, then, Sunday, I'm remembering mom hinting some special time for my step-dad (a meal) would be thoughtful (hint, hint). I am seeing I cannot swing that. Bought him a card, gave it to him at church. Gave father in law a card at church. Surprised husband at work with kid's creations from Sunday School. (win, win, win)...rushing to the store before church to buy more cards. I'm not up to five cards at $3.50 a peice (a couple "real" cards the kids wanted to buy this year, though homemade are best, after seeing me pick mine out...one included a much used whoppie cushion which we've already exploded).

Four meals out to celebrate Father's Day with all the different Dads.

Yesterday, we REALLY need to make a visit to the funeral home AND fit my husband's "real" special meal in. My husband gets dissed the minute he walks in the door suprisingly by someone who didn't like a recent business decision he made. We wanted to feed fish and ducks and had taken dry bread...it came a monsoon after no rain for two weeks.

We came home, tried to take much needed naps-- the phone rang off the hook ALL AFTERNOON LONG...CONTINUALLY Beep, ring, buzz, squeal (kids), buzz, ring, ring.

Overall, Father's Day took me four days to complete, and I finish sad and frustrated. I'm really not sure I succeeded with my main man. He's so awesome, such a tee-totallally, sold out, awesomely, great Dad. I tried to tell him, but I was too exhausted and worried and frustrated by the schedule for him to really feel it...for me communicate it well.

Does the day go better for anyone else? And...before you answer, how many men are you responsible for making "feel special" on Father's Day? I'd sure like my joy to go up in it all.
Other holidays, we celebrate as "weeks" rather than days. So, we get "Anniversary Week". It's a lot easier to make someone feel special as you have your best energy and time in a week. Maybe I need to go to "Father's Day Week" for him. I just can't pin it down in a day! I feel like I missed it. He missed it. And he SO deserves it!!!


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Misty said...

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while. Need to catch up on reading your posts too. Looks like you've got some good ones here. We have 3 "dads" to honor on our day. We visited Bryan's dad and my stepdad the previous weekend and brought some gifts for them. On daddy's day, my hubby had to work during church, but he got to pick out where to eat for lunch and we went to Texas Roadhouse later that night. Got him a small gift and had some mommy/daddy time too ;) So, it went ok for us.