This Guy Falls Down

Okay...to make my life easier, here is a direct quote re. The Book Club mentioned in the last post. I've not formally visited the actual discussion forum, but enjoy being exposed to new authors and current reading lists as he mentions them. I'll shut up now.

This Guy Falls Down: "The June Book Club selection...
...is Praise Habit, by some guy named David Crowder. We did a little
survey on the Message Boards, and Crowder's book won,
no contest. I haven't read it yet. I guess I'd better get to reading.
If you've seen David Crowder perform, you know that he has a very singular
personality. So it only stands to reason that he would capture some of that action and
reproduce it in text form for your reading pleasure and astonishment.
He did, and the result is called Praise Habit."

WHHHHPHHHHHH!!!!! (that's supposed to be the sound of a whip cracking).
Let's get to reading!"

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Tunz4jesus said...

I love this book, especially my copy, it has some unique atributes thanks to Mr. C himself. David and Hogan just finished another book that should be out soon. Equally as powerful, I think.