My man showed up with a tie on to match my dress all on his very own...what a man! We had a great time on our "date" hosting the dance. Food was great, magnolias were in full bloom, a zillion candles, great band. We had a wonderful evening. We slipped out to get a quick pic made. We don't dress formally every month...it's usually fun themes. But before it got "too hot" we thought we'd have a more formal dance. It was over 89 and and air unit was down in the dance hall. We had to go run down fans it was so hot. Men left with shirts sopping wet from getting their groove on in the scorching weather. But, everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway. I love to see married couples dancing together...they have their own style and rhythm...no one can dance with them like their spouse does. It's a great time. If you've never taken some basic ballroom dance lessons with your spouse, do it. It will change the way you both look at dancing. We enjoy it now, and I don't get a cramp in one hip from us rocking in circles! We're so glad we did it. 4-6 nights of lessons, and we have fun now. Most steps can be relaxed to even do pop songs...it's not "formal" in the strict sense, not what we do...but it's a starting point. It's hard at first while you are learning, but it's worth it. You'll never regret the investment. Just do it! Have you done it?


Tunz4jesus said...

My husband hates dancing, and I can't ask him to invest time in something he really dislikes that much, but he enjoys hiking and other our door fun, so a romantic picnic at the end of the hike has often been the scene for us. First dates were to football games, fishing, outdoor concerts and it has been important for that to continue.

Jules said...

That really sounds fun. I have always wanted to put on a MOM PROM. That would be fun to take lessons and then put it on!