Housekeeping Issue

I spoke to a dear friend yesterday who had so much trouble commenting with blogger losing her comments that she's given up. AAaaagggghhhh! My soul is bleeding.

I'll keep thinking on ways to better things on my end. And, she is right, God may have been preventing her ultimately when her time was needed elsewhere. That's fine.

In any case, some advice on commenting which may or may not prove useful: 1. After you comment on my blog, you should see your comments "fly up" above into the comment section and disappear from the "typing box".

You will not, however, see then appear on my actual blog yet (under "Comments" at the bottom of the blog, the number will not increase to show your listing for several minutes.)

IF you do not see your comments "fly up" to join other comments (or obviously by yourself if you comment first), chances are, you mistyped the security letters. I do it ALL THE TIME. I tend to blog when I'm taking a break...and a bit groggy or tired. So...mistakes.

Why are they there? She asks. Okay: These annoying letters to type in can only be read by the human eye. Computer programs cannot "spam" my blog with comments that say, "Love your blog! Come see my site at Viagra.blog.com!!!!, etc, ad naseum. I tried doing without the letters once. So....only the human eye can read the scatttered letters.

This being the case, many times I mistype the letters thinking an i is a j and such. Many times, probably half the time I comment on those using blogger, I realize my comments did not 'fly up'. Now, blogger is not clear about this phenomenon. It will simply display a new set of letters for you to try with your text comment STILL sitting in the comment typing window.

RETYPE THE NEW SET OF SECURITY LETTERS...your comments should still be showing in the blogger comment window and will "fly up" when you finally type it right. Consider it a free typing lesson complements of "me".

Now...if you've done all this and still get comments lost, or you've written something entirely meaningful and clever and it took a lot of time and you don't want to risk losing it as you try to publish the comment, or are emotionally scarred by this whole experience of perpetual loss....simply copy them with your "edit" command in Explorer or Firefox. If they are somehow lost, open a new comment window, paste them back in. You still have them. Or email them to me by pasting them into email. You still have them!

In any case, I see you visiting and know you've been by. Love you guys! Blessings. Thanks for visiting--I guess someone is getting something out of this crazy thing in spite of limitations. Hope this helps!

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