4th of July weekend. My favorite holiday of the year. Sun, relaxation. Homeade ice cream. Baseball. Flowers. Swimming. Fireworks. Sunburns. Frisbee. Biking. I love it.

This year. A whole bunch of stress management. My face is breaking out, I'm craving food constantly, and I'm thankful, worried, and stressed--all at the same time. I can't even sort it.

Reading the latest in the O'Malley series, Truth Seeker, to numb my mind. Cross-stitching to absorb any focus. No thinking. At all. Can't. Vacationing at home around the pool. I know I'll need it in the coming week(s). Waiting for a loved one to breath their last is no fun at all. Constant knot in the stomach. Sick feeling that pierces.

Well, with that. Have a super spectacular 4th! Both my brothers are in! I'm thrilled at that surprise!


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