He Came

This week, Jesus came in a burgundy minivan. He offered to bring me milk when I didn't feel like getting out much. He stayed for lunch.

Today, He arrived today in a wine Explorer (must trade vehicles a lot, but seems to stay with maroon) when my van was in the shop. He shuttled my girl around. I was so glad to get her where she wanted to go. Crazy Mom forgets the day of the week!

In the meantime, He called and asked if I needed green beans, squash, and cabbage. Boy, did I! (No food in the house to speak of.) I took Red for a wagon ride, walked to his house...he sat and visited with me a while. He'd even broken the beans for me. He had grey hair and wrinkles, and was having a hard time getting around. I didn't mind.

When I got home, He lined up some videos to help me worship again.

Sometimes, when I can't hear his love too well...he still knows how to get to me anyway. Wins my heart...every time. Dang it. He's good!

PS: Did I mention Jesus left four comments on my blog yesterday! He told me where to shop!

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Jules said...

Do I hear an Amen?