Fill the Space

With the passing of my uncle-in-law and great cyber friend, there is left a notable gap. I find it hard to blog, write, and invest myself knowing all will someday only be a memory. Reading this blog today inspired me to fill the gap (not repace, but fill), and realize the worth of what we do to share and communicate and enjoy new forms of community than our world has known so far.

I've asked myself: Did I really know Dave? I mean, in real life? Not as well as I did by cyberspace! Is that weird? Is that real? Is it normal? Is it worthy? Does what I do have lastly purpose and meaning? Is it best?

This morning, searching for information on wordpress, I found Rob's blog. Beyond the wordpress article, I was surprised to find an answer to my questions somehow. The mix of all of who we are. The reminder that we are more than any one part. That we move on. We create. We share. We write. We risk. No...cyberfriendships can't be everything. We need Jesus in Red minivans (see blog from two days ago, which I will link to when I figure out how to link to myself more easily than going to look it up). But, friends of all types and shapes and forms are to be valued whether they are friends for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime. We grieve all, and we are friend to all. Reaching, teaching, growing, sowing...it all matters, whatever God tells me to do for that time. And listening when He tells me to divert energy elsewhere. Never being trapped by my own habits. Never refusing to change them. Availability. Sharing. Growing. Helping. Encouraging. Balance. Moving on. Vulnerability. Sensitivity.

That's why.

Thanks for the inspiration Rob's Place:: Orangejack blog Keep moving on...or rolling on, whatever it is oranges do!

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