WordPress compared to Blogger

Comparison of wordpress.com and blogger: Wordpress.com (not WordPress.org), offers free blogger hosting now with categories. I'm toying with it a bit to see if it's worth the switch. I REALLY like the idea of categories. They only let you host, I think it's 25MB of pics, which, for me, may become a problem as much photoblogging as I do. If I could transfer pics through "hello", storage is much less, and I think it would be minimal storage. With standard uploading, the pics are much larger (in my estimation).

An Interview with Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Creator (Inspirational read. Matt believes in free, non-liscensed community open software, which means frequent upgrades, tricks, forums, and articles not available through blogger. Seems like a neat guy and a great support community in the developer areas.

Pros and Cons of WordPress A Must Read for those considering a switch. In short: you get a categories with WordPress, less control over the sidebar and template, but a change is soon expected to those. I've spent a lot of time on my sidebar, so I hate to lose that, even for a "cleaner" site. I suppose most of my readers have seen that stuff now anyway long enough to find it if they wanted it.

For those just getting started, may be worth signing up so that you can categorize posts before you go too far...something I wish I could go back and easily do now.

I'll update as I find information.

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