Three Notable Experiences Yesterday

1. Praise Band: I've never had an experience like I did yesterday playing. It was...relief to me. From a long week, I was Saul...the music my release. Joy, uncomplicated thoughts, beauty, light, joy--flooding in. Breath. Air. It was sweet.

2. Vacation Bible School: Wow. Like, I SO dreaded it. Royal headaches all day, 4XS Tylenol and 1 Naproxen, 1 Clarinex, Nasonex, and Afrin...and finally, I could stand up without my head ThRoBbiNg. I got there last night, so totally thinking I was going to be a wipeout. Those kids, they cracked me UP! I'm making a list of the totally hysterical things they say. I'll post it later in the week if no one threw it away. I was lovin' life. It was awesome.

3. Someone "saw" me yesterday...caught me off guard. We forget to notice people, I suppose. Really. An old friend, "ministry removed".

"Are you okay?"

"Just kind of tired. A tough few weeks --some weighty stuff, normal, but weighty."

"Okay. Just thought you seemed to be moving slower than usual".

"I am. Thanks for asking. I needed that."

Lord, help me to do that more!

To see. Beyond the ministry, expectations, and service. To be real to those who don't need the service, but need friends. Forgive me when I fail to be a good encourager. Man...that's what it's all about.

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Misty said...

Amen to that, sister! I wish and pray that I can "see" people better too. I find that when I sincerely pray for God to show me how I can help someone, He always does, so I better be prepared to get what I'm asking for!