Zoo hits Mickey D's

Well, if your done reading yesterday's posts already...you're doing well. Short and sweet today: tackling "piles" of stuff all over the house of projects "to be done" that I never get down to. Nursing daughter through a new cold. Writing letters. Getting myself geared up and working hard to earn some play time this weekend. Lunch with a friend and five kids. Great break!

And...off and rolling again, trying not to get the afternoon sleepys before work is done.

PS: Doesn't this pic look liek there is a person with a dog face or something in the background? Guess I missed that in real life. Maybe it's the size of the pic.

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Cheryl said...

Looks like a fun group to me! Misty sends me pictures of the girls all the time but when I open your blog and see them it is like an extra little present! I love seeing pictures of them. Thanks!