Monday. Fighting a cold. Feel like my body is being pulled by gravitational magnetism to the floor...which I'd be happy to lay on indefinately. My back wants a heating pad 24X7.

Son #1--sick stomach. Daughter #2 has cold. Son #3, getting a cold/still has potty issue.

Spritually: Obediently, faithfully singing victory songs as the enemy is stealing from, killing, and destroying those around me. Not my favorite time.

Emotionally: Worn out.

House: fairly caught up, praise God.

Goal for today: take cold meds. Wait/rest until further instruction.


Brandi said...


Getting sick here, too. Really hate that feeling. Consider yourself prayed for.

Cheryl said...

I started getting a cold last Thursday. Felt bad all weekend. Hope that you feel better soon. Put on comfy clothes, relax, and drink hot tea.

Misty said...

I'll probably be next. I've been doing extra C, lots of washing hands (especially the kids right after preschool/Sunday school), hand sanitizer, etc. Just found a note today from preschool that a kid there is in the hospital with mono--good grief.