Angel Envy

Today feels like a "joy comes in the morning" kind of day.

Sometimes, things get so heavy and deep and murky. There are no easy answers.

But, enough of that. Today is about God lifting me up out of the muck and mire.

Today is about that lovely moment when you get an opportunity to stop looking at problems and at yourself and you get to encourage the unlikely.

This started this week at my Wal*Mart trip actually. There are usually two guys stocking bread on the bread aisle on a particular day of the week I shop. They must think it macho for those around to hear them bad mouthing each other for fun, "Dude, I'm going to kick your **s. I swear...you are going down. I've had it. That is just wrong. The last straw." And on and on it goes. I really wonder if they do it all day, because it starts everytime I'm there at that time. It's like a cartoon. I usually just ignore it and go on. After all, they are bread guys, and let's face it...there are certain defense mechanisms that could go along with such a job.

So, this week, I can't find my thick sliced bread my daughter wants for French Toast.

I mention this to the stock guy and he says, "Sure, it's still in the back. I'll go get it for you."

So, while this guy is gone, the other guy says to me: "Tell you what. When he comes back, you say to him, 'is that bird crap on here?'" I don't know what got into me, but I was in for a good practical joke, and we know Wal*Mart is known for it's overhead aviary.

So, the guy comes back, and the bread had sesame seeds all over the top. Well, this is French bread...not exactly what I need for morning breakfast French Toast. I tell him this, and have forgotten about the joke because I'm a bit frustrated. I promised her French Toast. He says, "Well, you could just cut the crust off?"

"Um, I'm not into that kind of hard hard." I say.

They both just crack up.

He says, "You mean to tell me I went all the way to the back for you and you're not even going to take the bread."

I said, "No, I'm not, it's not what I need."

He says, "Well. We don't have it. Must have been something we've stopped carrying."

I said, "But, I need bread. I guess I'll have to go to Kroger for it."

Like they care...they stock bread for Wal*Mart....OOOOoooh. They are shaking now, I'm going to KROGER.

So...at this point, I say, "Anyway...what's this ON it...it that bird poop?"

The other guy behind him says, "WHAT?! Poop?" and we start cracking up.

This errand boy turns around and starts pouncing his co-worked right there in the bread aisle almost yelling at him and laughing, "I'm going to KILL you! I can't believe you did that to me. Did you know he's my brother?"

I didn't. That explains it.

I'm laughing my head off now more than I did then.

So, anyway (this, after some not so friendly or anticipated visits to my local Wal*Mart, okay? You just endure it.)

But, there is this one lady who works there, and I tell you, she glows. I mean, there is just an effervesence of joy, caring, concern, help, authenticity, kindness, adept...she's got it all. So...I've inadvertently realized there are a couple ladies there whose lines I will actually LOOK for. She is one of them. Well, this day, I was in a hurry, but saw her around the self check out lines and it just empowered me to try them (again). Well, she just stood around and beat me to every problem, showed me how to keep from the computerized lady voice squaking at me and setting off the, "please pull the last item from the bag and rescan. I did not read it correctly."

So, then, my grapes turn out to cost $5.00 and they were supposed to be on sale. She suspends my whole transaction...goes to another register, looks up the right price, explains the problem to the person whose register she just commandeered, and I paid over there. Like anyone else in the store could do such a thing. I've never had it happen. (No, you don't get anything free when prices are wrong on produce, much to my disappointment.)

So, I'm off.

On the way to my van, I think to myself. That lady just makes my day. I want to be like the Wal*Mart checkout lady. My new goal in life. Seriously. She is my ambition. I'm going to keep in mind to do something really nice for her the next time I go through her line...buy her a coke or something. She just makes my life a real joy...and trust me, if I can say that at 8am with a boy needing to go "potty" every five minutes trying to get through the store with no breakfast in me yet...she's got it going on. Smiles--on my gosh. You just can't imagine the angelic-ness of it really. I'm humbled. I just can't even keep up. I just soak in it. I go through her line and bask in her cheerful voice. "How ARE you today?" "Well, hey there, little fella, you shore are a cute one!" "And what a lovely shirt."

It's just too much.

So, today, I go back to Wal*Mart, fogetting about this whole thing. I bought the wrong size PJs my son needed (exchange line--you know that drill), forgot lunch cups, was needing odds and ends that I forgot Monday. Well, all in all, I was really ticked off that I had to waste a morning and go back. To cheer myself, we bought doughtnuts on the way, and added some happy errands to the thing. So, we're doing pretty well.

But, we get to the other side of the store, and there is my angel. I literally turn the cart around and realize she is on the far side today, where I am, in the fast checkout lane, and I can do fast checkout. Man! God is GOOD!

So, there we go.

The minute we get there, cart full, I'm starting to unload, she says to me, "Does your little one need to go to the restroom?"

Dang! I forgot. He's been holding himself two minutes since I got the mouthwash.

"Yes. He really does. We have an issue."

She says, "Well, honey. You go right on and take him. I'll take care of gettinig this for you."

Oh... my... gosh. Am I on another planet? Is THIS the new Wal*Mart? It can't be!

I say, "Thanks. I'll be right back. Thank you. Thanks."

So, off we run, him holding himself tight by now and squatting as he ran.

We get back, and I tear off a daisy from some flowers I got for somebody else having a really bad day and stuck it in her Wal*Mart name pin.

I said, "Do you know I actually look for your line? I can't help it. You are so kind. At this point, I'm usually exhausted."

She just beamed. You could tell it meant a lot to her that somebody noticed. She said, "Have I ever told you my husband is a pastor?"

I said, "No, but I can tell, and that's great."

She said, "I had such a rough day yesterday. Didn't get anything caught up on my day off."

I said, "Well, you made my day."

She gave me the biggest hug, and we both had tears in our eyes.

So, look up Sandy. It's worth your trip. I guarantee it.

Weeks and weeks of hitting cranky professionals on the phone that just about make me want to cry and plead innocence or try to get them to just be nice to me...and then, there's Sandy.

Okay, so I'm crying now.

You can tell it's just been one of those weeks.

Adding to my bliss. I get home, and there is this huge knock on my kitchen door that just about scared the daylights out of me. Nobody ever uses that door but us. I go, and there is our new scales I'd ordered. Like...you know, the kind of scales that don't make you so happy. So, I get groceries unloaded and bring the thing out of it's wrapping and set it up. I've really not weighed in a year or so probably. Our scales are wacky. So, I set it, take off the tennis shoes. Breath deep...decide I'd weigh less if I exhale first instead...and climb on.

No joke! I'm within my target range. Seriously. I did it! It is important to leave one's self a 15 pound facilation zone in my humble opinion. You know, water gain, PMS, the off day, the off week, muscle weighs more than fat...that sort of stuff.

Man, am I one glad girl today! The WASA crackers were getting stale and the low fat FETA has turned to mold!

And, I really am looking forward to a healthy-ish Mexican bonanza around here tonight from ground beef I cooked three weeks ago.

Now, I'm really hungry.


esm said...

So can you describe this woman? I don't think I have ever encountered "Sandy." After shopping 2 1/2 to 3 hours with my five-yr-old (and often 10 yr-old, too), I could certainly use a "Sandy."

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were trying to figure out who she was...she has black hair with silver a little. About 5'4. Medium build. Always says, "Hi! How are you today!"

Friendly, but not pushing with it if I'm having trouble with the kids are am too tired.

She's just wonderful. In my book of saints.

We actually disagreed on her name...so I may have misquoted that part...uh, to protect the innocent, yeah, that's it. Glenda. Brenda. Sandy. One of those.

I'm thinking brown eyes that smile and sparkle...you can just tell she's a Christian and works hard at it.

Her only days off are Wednesday and Sunday. She seems to work morning shift.


esm said...

I am looking for "Sandy" or whatever her name may be this Saturday!