How to use MSCONFIG: NetSquirrel.com

This link tells you how to speed up your computer considerably by not letting every program you have loaded to "pre-load" at start-up boot.

Most programs you need, you will simpy open by clicking the icon, or opening them yourself...you do not need them all running at computer boot as if you've already been using them already and want them on standby in the icon tray running in the background.

You'll be amazed how much faster this makes your boot process, and how much faster your computer runs as a whole. Technicially speaking, it frees up "system resources". [To find out how much computer resources you have available, right click on your computer tab, get to system properties|system resources|performance].

System resources should never be below 75% or you will not be be a happy camper. Staying above 80% lets you multitask as you wish.

Here is a list of programs you need to leave selected to keep running at startup.

Anything you leave unselected and find you need later...go back and add it back in. It is no problem to change. You must reboot for changes to take effect, AND it will give you a message asking you if you are aware you have selective startup enabled and you say "Yes." It will then ask you if you want to be notified at every startup of this option being enables, select "No", unless you just enjoy little text boxes popping up at startup. lol.

How to use MSCONFIG: NetSquirrel.com

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