As I told a friend on a phone a while ago: my head is a pinata. (That's a spanish word for a thing hit with a stick, filled with stuff that falls out, generally speaking, a child's birthday game). I do not nor will I look for the tilde for the n hidden within the deep recesses of my computer keyboard "~ " to go over the "n".

So. Pinata. It just doesn't look right.

Well, I don't feel right.

I went on a cold medicine strike yesterday...I think it was doing more harm than good. But, the good it WAS doing is now no longer good at all, and now, it's still not good. But, at least not the bad that it was.

My Mom came and offered to take Red on errands today...bless her tender heart.

I warned her of the bathroom issue. You have to carry him inside everywhere still because cars seem to make him have to "go", and he has to cross his legs to make it to the bathroom. The people at Wal*Mart see me coming and have a basket waiting for me at this point.

I feel SO bad. I wanted to burn trash today and take stuff to the barn and mop my floor. If I don't get it done in the first hour I'm up before my body starts screaming at me...i.e. sinuses wailing in pain, it does not get done. I got all chores done between 10-11 last night I could do for the day. Still clothes that need folding and switching over. If I didn't have such a roaring headache, I'd do it now.

I have tried to stay busy with a few projects to keep the week from being a total wash-out. Worked on my Bible Study as much as I could...still very behind, but trying to memorize some scripture...still terrible at it. But, it keeps me sane...sanity is good.

Sounds boring, but actually, it's good to have something you've always wanted to do, something hard to do, done. I keep telling myself if I were in college and had paid for classes and had worked hard all semester, I wouldn't let the flu or a cold or whatever this thing is keep me from studying, and groaning and moaning, and reading and memorizing to pass that infernal test. And..so...why should I lighten up now when it is life or death? When the content makes sense? When the material is something I need to live and breathe? When, in doing so, will bring me life and healing and help?

So...no good excuses.

Off to slay some mountains...or blow my nose, whichever comes first.


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cj said...

Sorry to hear your so sick. Keep your chin up (that way your nose doesn't drip down your face). Here's a visual for you....imagine cheese sticks, fountain coke, spring days, green grass coming up, trees sprouting out. I am doing that to remind me that each day in the four walls of my office brings me closer to that vision. This too will pass----one day.
I would advise going back to the cold meds.