Gas Station Lady

Well, when you have your health...THANK GOD FOR IT EVERY DAY!

A person can only handle so much channel surfing.

My scrapbook magazine did come today...and I knew God existed. Just kidding. (What? He thought it was funny.) Only, I'm too naseated to look at it. But, that's okay. I just hold it and flip a page occasionally. Feels somewhat enjoyable in a rather unenjoyable day. Not my best to say the least.

I thought of something bloggable that is pretty fun (besides hearing me gripe and complain about body aches and chills...I know...bloggers to eat that stuff up. I'm 85, so sue me. Kidding...I just sound 85 this week).

So, anyway, while I'm not talking about my fever breaking, I'll tell you a story. (Yes, I took a flu screen today...negative. Must be a sinus infection. But, I'm not talking about that.)

So, Valentines Day, I was doing my Bible Study, and it says we were supposed to do something for someone else unexpected...something "kind" or whatever. (If I've done something nice for you, it wasn't because you were an assignment, okay? But, it perks your ears to Random Acts of Kindness" opportunities.) I missed my class, so I'll tell you guys.

I stopped at a local gas station to get gas. The same girl who usually works there took my card and I heard her talking about it not being a good day , "Oh, just a long day, not much to smile about."

So...rocket scientist, me...assumes it's the whole Valentine Day "thing" going on.

Hedging my bets, I go home and make her a homemade Valentine's Day card and sign it from my family, saying she made our day bright and we appreciated her. True: she's conscientious and quick at getting me back to my kids, waiting in the van.

When I walked back in to deliver the card, she was waiting on someone else. She spoke over them and said, "Did you forget something?"

I said, "Oh, no." trying to wait for a more private opportunity to give her the card.

The other lady left, and I slid it to her across the counter and said, "It's a Valentine."

She smiled real big just lit up and turned to the side to start opening it away from some other guy there trying to tell some joke that wasn't funny, but I didn't see any more-- I was sort of embarrassed and left before she could say anything.

So, anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens the next time I see her. I don't think she knows Christ. Just a feeling.

So, pray for my gas station card taker lady. I'll update if God uses it further.

For those of you who might guess the culprit, long bleach blond hair.


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Brandi said...

That was a very sweet thing to do. If nothing else, you know you made her smile, and that's a pretty cool thing. :)