In Between

I still feel so cruddy. Okay, so the sledding and ice skating probably not the greatest remedy for a cold. I'm hoping the apple pie will hit the spot. The potato soup mix turned out a curteled mess. Ugggh.

To the grocery, in the cold. Hacking my head off. Lovely. My son asked why I was wearing my red robe when I came back in the door. Mistaken for the red robe I've been wearing for a week, I presume. I seriously think I had a mild flu...maybe from my flu shot a few weeks ago. I ached and chilled for days.

Now, a stomach bug seizes my home also to add to this delightful state.

Again, we think of yesterday. Skating across the ice, twirling, having fun...dripping nose, but anyway, it was fun.

And tomorrow, with hearts and flowers and sweet love.

I am blessed.


Misty said...

Hope you're feeling better for V-day! I made hubby a CD from Napster--you have to pay for those now :) Lots of cute love songs. I also ordered him flowers to be sent to his office--hope he gets those. I also typed up 50 reasons "I Respect You..." I'm going to dip some strawberries and pretzels in chocolate for dessert and fix him some Chinese dumplings and stir fry veggies for dinner(he loves my dumplings). I'm really trying hard this year! Hope you all have a great night too.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I think you have the hang of it, sis. Oh my gosh. Don't let my husband read this one! Let's see: I bought his favorite chocolate (okay, so I ate half the bag before V-day, but just to help him with his health). I coughed in his face and refused to spread my germs...so, no lip kissing. I took gifts to his girls at the office (on marriage...great book). I did take them all lunch. I vaccummed out the family van and washed it. No plans for dinner yet, and I have to take Goldilocks to cheerleading practice tonight. A rather mixed bag.


Misty said...

You know, if I washed the car for him, he'd probably like that more :) Great idea! I'll try that next year :) I think you did very well for being sick. He'd be lucky to get a card if I was sick.