Your Turn

Thought you PurposeDrivenBlog junkies might enjoy knowing something about the people in my blog community, and I like knowing something about you, too. Some of you lurk...and that's a little freakie, but a known factor here in the internet world...seriously--you don't have to, but why not? Live a little. Give yourself a code name if you don't want to use your real name...then comment on my blog using that name. That way people will know something about my wonderful friends, too, even those of you who don't "blog" for whatever reason. Everyone should blog...but, hey, that's just my humble and true and right opinion. (I plan to link to this entry by permalink the sidebar for reference of future readers.)

First Topic in This Series
Your Weekend Assignment: Complete from 2-4 questions. Your choice.

I can't wait.

(I'd add a blog entry when I get a predetermined number only I know.
Yes...it's pressure. Manipulation. Passive Agressive. Controlling. Admitting it is the first step toward...

getting what I want. :-D Let's hear it for the blog!!! I heard Cyndie Lauper when I typed that. Whew. Shiver.)

1. Top Things I'm Passionate About Right Now are...

2. My biggest Challenge Right Now--joke version (see I know some of you too well)

3. New Personal Challenge--real version

4. Fav. Recent Movie


Misty said...

Hmmm well I'll try to answer if I can....
1. Things I'm passionate about right now (wish I could re-prioritize some of these): Zoo Tycoon 2 (totally addicted), my small group (Fourgiven Friends)--we now have a name!, Team Kid (those kiddos are growing on me), planning our vacation and kitchen remodel(very early stages), chocolate and coffee.
2. My biggest challenge right now: Getting everyone in my house to stop pooping so much :)
3. New personal challenge: I have several, but biggest ones are exercising regularly and connecting with God on a daily basis.
4. Favorite recent movie: What are movies again? Can't remember what we saw last. I watched part of Jurassic Park last night, and that's a good one. We're going to try to go out before Valentine's if we can manage a sitter. I might have to get back with you. :)

Brandi said...

I'll answer all four and then some! Look at me go!

K so first, in response to your comment (thank you) in my blog, you assume that I want to share that song of mine, which HAHAHAHA is so far from the case.

Also, I will post a picture of my hair soon, because you requested. Amanda will see me in two days, so that's why I didn't respond to her request. :)

Onto my answers to your questions:
1. Right now, I am passionate about finding a way to balance my work-from-home job without compromising my children's well-being, especially my youngest. Having to keep him quiet while I interview means making him stay in his room with TV that was put in there for just that purpose just isn't working. Not good for him, not good for my heart. Need a new way of doing this.

2. That is also my biggest challenge. Also, going along with that, is that my job itself is becoming quite overwhelming, with so many additional responsibilities added this year, and I am not being treated well, or even fairly.

3. New personal challenge? Hmm...I promised I would answer all three, but I can't really answer this one right now. I guess I should have read the questions first, eh?

4. My favorite recent movie is King Kong. Wonderful and amazing.

His Daughter said...

1. I am passionate most about husband and family. Have gotten passionate about my house, my mind, my body, my wardrobe, my yard in the past. Just resting from trying to improve on stuff right now.
2. My biggest challenge right now is doing good things, and enjoying it, knowing that God rewards eventually, if not immediately. And He rewards Well.
3. See answer to number 1. :)
4. Probably the Lion, witch, and the wardrobe. Still trying to decide if I liked the BBC version better.

tunz4jesus said...

I love answering questions!
1. The top thing I am passionate about is God's glory. I do not have a complete understanding of my role on earth as related to God's glory, but I try to ask Him daily to show me. I am also passionate about my family. I love my husband and my girls and the college age students that also fit into the family category. I am passionate about worship, and love that the Lord lets me worship through music.
2. Biggest challenge-showering at the gym before work. Does anyone ever clean that place? Ok, I am a little over the top in that area.
3. Biggest challenge for real is being real. I am very good at keeping it all together and performing. I understand that God dosn't want me to act like a Christian, but be Christ...still working on that.
4. Favorite movie-I don't really care for movies or tv. A little ADD goes a long way. My friends are envious but I wish I had seen the end to about a dozen movies!
Nice to meet you all,

Kevin Eby said...

1. Top Ten Passions
#1 I'm always passionate about serving my Lord and Savior in new ways and in old ways.
#2 I'm always passionate about my wife and family.
#3 I'm nearly always passionate about my workplace ( ties into my already mentioned #1 passion )
#4 I'm passionate about spurring on the church to new heights ( I try to do this in love )
#5 I'm passionate about accountability and responsibility
#6 I'm not sure anyone is going to list ten things

2. Biggest Challenge
Overcoming a world of digital people that spill drinks on their keyboards and refuse to buy printers to do the job right

3. New Personal Challenge
Leading from the middle

4. Recent Movie
I love C.S. Lewis, so I'm going to have to nominate Narnia even though I'm going to replace that with whatever Mel Gibson does next.

esm said...

1. Top things I am passionate about: my Savior; my husband; my son and daughter.

2. My biggest challenge right now: overcoming the munchies. It is Super Bowl night and even though we just came from a party, the game is still on and it just makes me want to snack. Also, I am being challenged because I need to be studying for a test I have tomorrow night and instead I am answering "get to know you" questions on a blog! Hmmmm????

3. New personal challenge: To do one pre-determined Christ-like deed per day for someone outside my immediate family. I want to share His love in tangible ways.

4. Favorite recent movie: I have to go with majority on this one, "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe." (Also, this one is a few years old, I think, but I watched it again recently and really like it, "Remember the Titans.")

Magnanimity said...

Passions/Challenges All Mixed Together
1. To LOVE my Lord and Savior...my best friend, King of Creation, Ruler of the world... with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength
2. To have his written WORD hidden in my heart as my checkpoint. (So that I can know that one true way, recognize the one true voice, trapped less and less by the contraints of my own rational, emotions, and worldy wisdom. All seem good, seem "made by God", but easily give a twisted truth. He who kills, steals, and destroys slowly merges us off the path if we only use these.
3. to PRESENT my life as the joyful and exciting and appealing adventure it is--people are affected by good advertising! In my authenticity, to not forget to "rise and shine".
4. to STAY passionate about the things God calls us to be passionate about. To rest in my place.
5. To do my JOB WELL
a. as a WIFE...To keep passion fresh so we never forget that we had/have it.
b. as a MOTHER...to TEACH WITH JOY. Not just "right thinking" or morality, or good thoughts. To teach them Truth.
6. To be a POSITIVE, THANKFUL, PRAISE-FILLED THINKER. I CAN make a difference through Christ who strengthens me! I want for this to always be my leading thought.
7. To be a SERVANT to my family...not just doing the thing.
8. To LIVE WALKING ON WATER looking straight into the eyes of Jesus...not looking back or down.
9. To be LIGHT. Light confronts darkness. To not hide in so much sensitivity that I REGRET it later.
10. To follow up on PROMPTINGS to connect with people and ignore all excuses I hear to the contrary.
11. To SOMEHOW MAKE leading people to salvation through Jesus Christ my NUMBER ONE passion.
12. To teach our family/marriage/friends how to live a life of BALANCE. Learning to force rest, always find joy, to not feel guilty about it. God wants us sensitive, responsive, AND JOYFUL.
13. To enjoy SIMPLE PLEASURES without complaining. Many times, less is more.
14. To give away my life, while never saying "I feel SO used!" I will be used and abused.
15. To dress appropriately--not be pulled so far by trends that I forget our impact as women.
16. To be brave enough keep knowing new vulnerabilities in myself. Satan will always keep trying.
17. To think and walk in conversational prayer with God not limited to formal prayer times.
18. To learn the grace to let things go.
19. To seek to BUILD relationships as more of a direct focus.
20. To TEACH people that even "true gossip" can hold destructive power in the body of Christ.
21. To stay in relationship with a "Paul, a Timothy, and a Barnabus" as much as within my power to do so. (Meaning, someone to teach me, someone to teach, someone to encourage me--walk with me).