Today...I broke out of a rut. Lived dangerously. Explored the world.

I went to a Wal*Mart in a different town for our morning errands.

Yes...I know. It's really quite unbelievable to try to put it into words.

Hair not washed, unshowered, no makeup--spur of the moment. Me, Red, Deli Doughnuts, and Wal*Mart.

They have different stuff than our Wal*Mart. I bought a new white shirt...didn't like it. Might alter it, might take it back. I bought lightbulbs and other boring necessities.

Then...as if that were not enough...we went to Big Lots. Now...I have to but in just the right mood to enter Big Lots. But, I've heard rave review on scrapbooks items generally much more expensive...so, we went. Found a few gems. Pillows for the boy's window seats, a sports rack organizer for the garage.

Yes, I know, it's all so mundane, you might say...BUT...I was feeling better, and out of the house, and IT'S EXCITING GOSH DANG IT! Okay, so that sounded way too much like Napolean Dynamite.

I also bought new cordless phones. A dual pack. (So, I can now talk to you in more style, but still haven't got our long distance reconnected, so you still have to call me. Disconnected it accidentally and just haven't gotten around to it...for...several....months.)


Worked on my MasterLife life goals last night some. I don't feel like doing it in a group of people so much. Maybe if mine are done I can hear God on others things, pray for others, or help somebody else. Who knows. I'm still open.

That's all for today.


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Misty said...

Woo, girl--way to get wild and wooly! :) I'm getting my hair cut AND colored tomorrow at a BEAUTY SHOP--woot! We're walking on the wild side here. ;)