monday: snowed in

Finally feeling some better.

Had a date with my husband yesterday. We got some shopping done and ate at Ruby Tuesdays.

It was a terrific date...one of my favorites. We just really enjoyed each other's company a lot-- not just the dinner and a movie thing. He was just great. So much fun. We visited my Dad...good time.

Skipped church, drove back in terrible weather, had a tire blow a hole in it. Got home safe.

Today, no kids at home. It feels delicious...and I do not have to feel guilty about saying that. No TV, no fussing.

Just...air blowing. Vents rattling. Trees cracking from the ice.

Catching up on Bible Study, housework, shopping, van maintenance...LIFE!

Pondering ministry...how to do it better.

Man! I'm very wiped out from being sick for 2 weeks now.

Trying to stay productive and on top of things so the pile up factor doesn't occur. Making lists of things to do to get the house in order again...trying to motivate myself to decorate the house again...so many "small things" need to be done. I've been tearing pics out of magazines, making notes, making lists. Fun. I don't know what I'm doing, but it's fun trying.

Well...off to take advantage of the day.


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