Field Trip

Today, a field trip with the kids to see a play and McDonalds playland with 40 some odd kids...talk about a roar. Me with a roaring headache trying to stay in decent humor. I drove my son's teacher.

There's pressure. Behavior with all three of your kids in a small space traveling together. I hate to ruin my children's reputation like that! Just kidding. They were pretty good and she seemed humored by it all. She's been sick also, so she understands "sick".

I just feel in a funky mood about this whole earth thing right now. Want to go live somewhere away from it all. Not really finding a lot of lasting joy in all the muck. Pressure of situations around me just seem to weigh hard and sickness takes it's toll. This Bible study on warfare has me so aware how much more there is for us to do to take America by storm.

And I look through the TV channels, everything we are driven to zone in on...everything blasted at us, and I think...how will we survive? How will my kid's survive? And I am praying hard.

Lord, help me look over the business of my household with all diligence as you told me to do. Help me. Keep pushing me as to how to keep them in the world and not of it. A desperate prayer for me right now.


tunz4jesus said...

This is a pep comment! You know one of those sister of encouragement things that really lets you know that you can be an instrument of God and be used in a big way. I like to think that I am in God's tool shed. Sometimes He uses me to hoe, water or plant. Sometimes, I am a weedeater. Trimming the extra stuff and fluff and making way for the seed to grow. I am not usually a weedeater unless I am fueled up. Stay in the word, pray and go get 'em! This planet would be a lot "weedier" without you.

Anonymous said...

That was hysterical!

I love it. Here I am looking for my life purpose this week and I have to think, "I don't think I'd ever come up with 'weedeater' on my own."

I'm cracking up!