Tuesday Tales

Thanks for all the comments lately guys. Honestly...what I want this think to be...community. Quasi community. I think you are getting it. Thanks. I want you hear. Want to hear from you. Want you to voice your thoughts, your opinions, challenge me if you want or feel like it. If I didn't think I needed it, I'd write a book, not a blog.

I just saw that Beth Moore is coming to TBN once a week starting January 22. Oh, the world IS a better place today than it was yesterday!

Unrelated, "Devine Design" is on. Made me think that I might rather have the little Mexican guy "chico" than a maid. I tell him I want something put in or wired in a funky, fun way...lighting whatever. And he smiles, and just does it. I tell my folk the same...they stare at me for a good long while, arms crossed then say, "If you REALLY want it, I'm sure we could find a way...but..."
Then, the fun is just over and I change my mind. About fifteen lights I wanted to change FOR SURE when I moved into this house...and so far, well, two are updated enough for me to bear.

Not exactly my dream.

Yes, in comfie clothes, baseball cap, no makeup, pony tail, napping off and on by the fireplace as fever comes and goes. I do have the life to be able to 'be sick' when I am sick. I agree. The best year of my life. Read 'em and weep.

Still...a cold is a cold. Red's eye is turning red I just noticed. Hmmm. Looks weird.

What to do for Valentine's Day? I don't know. That would require hair and makeup at this point. Somebody else may have to make plans and just tell me when to show up, I don't know.

I am channel surfing today. I generally only channel surf under one condition. Nothing else I am doing seems to be improving myself or anybody else...rebellion. It will last about one day and then I can't handle any more shallowness. Was just watching Mandy Moore on "Isaac". Cute girl. I think she's such a doll. But, these talk shows just rave and get all excited over everything and it just gets annoying. "Oh my gosh! Would you look at that spot on the wall! I NEVER noticed that! WoW! That is SO great! I WANT one of these."

???? No offense intended. Plastic joy is plastic joy. I don't NEED joy THAT badly. I get pretty desperate, but it just too much. I can find my own joy in vaccumming my own house before I resort to too much of that. But, not today, I think I'd sneeze my head off.

Been to Wal*Mart. Have a plan for supper. House is fairly clean. God is good. Let's not forget it!


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