What Do You Seek

I'm still waiting. On you. On the Lord. On myself. I'm not sure which. But, waiting..."though it lingers, wait for it."

Still hearing from you. I hope you are enjoying the assignment and what it stirs in you. A few years ago, I had an assignment in a course to answer the question, in letter form, that Jesus asked of his followers..."What seek ye?"

I found that it took me weeks beyond the assignments due to date to answer such a simple question. And the lack fo my focus was more disturbing to me in the end than my answer to the question itself. I realized I had some much of disillusionment that was holding me back from dreaming...reaching...becoming.

This week, I've had a really tough week. I dare say, in some ways, the toughest in years. But, God is God, and I am not.

But, I do want to hone in on how to be faithful--more effective. This question comes back to me as a key for us all.

In any case, I am enjoying the break from the sound of my own thoughts and words and simply waiting...on you, the Lord, His words to me, His timing, new ideas.

Keep working on your passions/challenges. I look forward to hearing from you.

"What seek ye?"


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