and -- iukooo7u8-->my head hitting the keyboard

i either have the flu or this is a demonic cold or a sinus infection is much more horrid than i remember. mr skin hurts--everything hurts. even my hair. i've been in bed forever...

back to bed for me.

i luv my mommy. i luv my husband.

typing with one finger--the other ones hurt

go antibiotics go

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Misty said...

I remember my last two sinus infections. That's just how I felt. My skin actually hurt on my cheeks. I had it right before Thanksgiving and all during Christmas. I made Christmas breakfast for my dad and family with a splitting sinus headache. God is good--he kept me upright :) Hang on and enjoy the medicine and some time off too. At least you get an excuse for lying around. I've been wanting to sleep all day, but I'm just lazy :) Get well prayers to you!