Get It

When I get really tired, self pity begins to seep in. I see all the worst in myself and life.
I keep a few books around that seem to ground me when I'm blue. When my emotions are rattled and my spirit gets worn, I don't want to hear anything. I'm just tired. Yet...I know it's the truth of the word of God that will feed and refresh my spirit, if I'll just find moments where I can quickly soak in who God really is.

I found this book at The Dollar Tree about a year ago. It was a whopping $1.00. This thing is a gold mine. (I don't know if you can still find it there or not, but Amazon has it--I've included that link). It's well worth the effort to find it and add it to your library.

I've been looking for a book that did what Amy Ng Wong has done for a long time. She takes each attribute of God, in alphabetical order, then lists the scriptures that go with it. When I forget who I am, and who God is...I begin reading, praying through, and thinking through these scriptures. They are not about my attitude or the situation or me at all...they are about God--who HE is. That's it. And when I'm really hurting or tired or frustrated, I can't handle anything else about me...but I can handle who HE is. Much harder to stay in a funk when confronted with the Might, Sovereignty, Love, and Mercy of an intimately connected God who cares infinitely about me...and you. Check it out: The Everyday Guide to God.


cj said...

Me--if you are in a Dollar Tree and see this, pick up one for me. I'll glady reimburse the dollar.
I checked the one out closest to us and they had something similar, but not this particular one.

esm said...

Me, I would love to have one too if you run across it again. I will also gladly repay the $1.00. I will check out Dollar Trees as we travel in a couple of weeks. If I find them, I will get one for CJ too.